IO Music Compilation


Bombay Electrique


The Mandala Wizards

Hollywood Animated Video 

Animation by

IO Worlds

IO Soundtrack Compilation

Featuring Bombay Electrique and

The Mandala Wizards


Original Words by Music by

A N Rao 

Musical Shapeshifting by:

Mike Rosnick , Julio Falavigna ,, Ajit N Rao,  Malkeet Sohota , Bianca Gismonte , Neeraj Prem  and Peter Letros


Ajit N Rao : Guitar , Vocal , Slide ,                                     Wurlitzer , Bass

Mike Rosnick : Bass ,  Beats , Mix and                                  Mastering , Producer

Julio Falavigna : Drums , Tabla ,              

Peter Letros : Mastering on Reason                                     &  In Another (HotPink) 

Space Flower

Featuring : Bianca Gismonti on Grand Piano and Malkeet Sohota on Tablas                                   

Bombay Irie

Featuring Neeraj Prem on Sitar

Watch Us Go (All In A)

Produced by A N Rao , Julio Falavigna and Mike Rosnick

Videos and Animations by

A N Rao /IO Worlds 

Produced by

Mike Rosnick and A N Rao